Two week ago I was alone driving my motor bike to go to saturday afternoon majlis. Actually I wasn’t alone that day. I have an appointment with my friend who want to meet me up in majlis. But then once after I arrived in location (the masjid in the roof of the mall so I was in the mall) while I waited a lift to left me into the roof I met with two hijabi girl, they two wore black from head to toe no niqab but dust mask only. Suddenly they asked me “do you wanna go to majlis too?” I said “yes” I smiled at that time but I realized they didn’t know it. Hhh even a child would know this was a weirdly thing. But then we three walked together. So speak about niqab and dust mask, This case was remind me of me before I decided to use niqab. I used to wear dust mask wherever I go. For me wearing dust mask or even niqab is not because you’re muslimah or your culture, but your shyness. Because only the believer has shyness in their heart, because shyness is a part of Iman and Iman is inside their heart. As we known about woman in Islam, that woman is aurah, woman is a bigest fitnah in this world. So no matter how long you’ve been asked for protection to Allah, no matter how hard you talk about stop abusing woman. If you don’t make an effort to protect yourself from fitnah then there is nothing happen. Niqab is our effort to distance us between man and woman, even woman with hijab and dust mask or niqab is protect their dignity as a muslimah. No one can touch them or flirt them freely. So sisters if you have no chance to use niqab, if your country ban the niqab, better you use dust mask. Once you use it for protecting yourself then next you will realize, wearing niqab is calm and help you to increase your Iman, to be more close and close to Allah, to be more better and better, in sya Allah. No worry about what people say, remember every one has their own process.
**back to the story in majlis, as usual when I talk with stranger sometime I forgot to ask their name. After we walked around the mall and arrived at masjid then we sat down. At that time I start to ask their name. Now we’ve been properly introduced. Upss I forgot my friend who has an appointment with me. Unfortunately I couldn’t meet her. The masjid was too crowded with muslimah (I was in the akhwat area). But finally I met her accidentally in musholah on the other floor of the mall. As a niqabi we can recognize our friends by our eyes. Hehe

Niqab or dust maskdscf22271Niqab or dust mask


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