nowadays mostly people are worry about niqabis. some of them thought that niqabis are fanatic or even terrorist.
sisters, If you have made the intention of wearing the Niqab, Allah will help you- despite your family’s or societies disapproval. What is our purpose in life? To worship none but Allah and this also means to be obedient first and foremost to Allah. The moment you start considering the Niqab, ask yourself just one question: Who should I please- Allah or people?
Once you make that decision, you can follow whether you ought to wear the Niqab or not.
I know sisters, saying it is easy enough. But you know what? Allah can make the difficult easy and the easy difficult. Everything is in His Hands and so long as we place our trust in Him, He and He alone will suffice for us.
Here we are the Hijab care community a.k.a Hijrah community. we come as a muslimah who care with hijab, it’s not about our appearance but our action against the modernity in Hijab and we invite you to be more modesty.
so if you worry about niqabis, come and join with us then you will know and understand. we are one ummah.
DSCF2200.jpgNiqabi sisters


2 thoughts on “Niqabi sisters

  1. With every action comes a consequence. It’s great that hijabis are having more of a voice but now people have started to treat us like they would none hijabis. When I use public transit men flirt with me and invade my space and I have to lie and say im engaged or married to get them to stop. If I turn them down they act offended or become threatening. It’s to a point where hijabis are dressing like non muslim women only with a scarf on their heads. When I go out in public I don’t want to be eye candy I just want to be a person on the train or at the grocery store.

    1. yeah, that’s why I use niqab not only for being a better muslimah but also for protect myself from evil’s eyes. we ask for protection from Allah but we have to make an effort too.
      in sya Allah Allah will always protect us šŸ™‚

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