Nowadays mostly people are worry about niqabis. some of them thought that niqabis are fanatic or even terrorist. even my friend in university said “people see the niqabis are fanatic or even terrorist, because once they decided to use niqab then they don’t want to blend in with the others”.
it’s not fair. it’s subjective. because you never will be known someone or some groups without know each other. it’s only the hater’s opinion.
in fact my friend doesn’t worry about me about my niqab. they don’t feel I’m different. even some of them support me.
because they know me, they know who I am.
in the other case, the day before ramadhan,I was visited museum with my friends. when I walked around the whole museum’s area. someone passed by then mocking me “Ninja”.
what the hell did he say? NINJA???
ya Allah
did I look like ninja?? Lol
even yesterday when I visited bandung in west java Indonesia. at that time I walked around with my friend, we only two separated with another friends. once after I took some picture I passed by a group of hijabi sisters who sit together in queue. some of them mocking me “ah why you have to use niqab?” then my friend said “why?”
what’s your business to say like that?
but none of all those story that I upset with them. I don’t care. because I knew they hate me, that’s all.
remember, No matter how straight you walk, you will always find those who will criticize your slanted shadow!
my photo in Bandung west java with my friends, my co-worker exactly.
this photo when I walked around museum with my friend.
this photo also in Bandung west java before some hijabis sisters mocking me.

6 thoughts on “My niqab experience

  1. Salam sister I a new niqabi. Don’t worry about the haters even within our own ummah. I got into a disagreement with a great friend of mine because she doesn’t like niqab. But Allah is what’s most important and if I feel like he is telling me to put it on then I will.BTW ninjas are awesome!

  2. Stay firm sister. The truth is never well received. It’s just disappointing that you had to face such reactions in a Muslim country. I thought it’s only niqaabis here in the West who have to hear such rubbish. Anyhow, may Allah grant you steadfastness, ameen.

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