at that time me and my friend walked past a group of hijabi sisters who sit together in queue. some of them mocking me “ah why you have to use niqab?” then my friend said “why?”
what’s your business to say like that?

Yeah, Nowadays when nudity and semi-nudity is so common, covering yourself with modesty is something different, people will hate you, mocking you and gives you negative attention. they mocked me but not those girl. why? yes because I’m different, they thought I’m fanatic, I took Islam seriously. they claim wearing loose Hijab and Niqab means going back to some prehistoric period. but all those things only makes me prouder to be identified as a muslimah. Alhamdulillah

sisters, no matter how straight you walk, you will always find those who will criticize. don’t give up no matter how hard they criticize you, remember that your life is yours and you live here to please your creator not His creation. May Allah grant us steadfastness, ameen.

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