Two days ago I was travelled with my friend by motor bike.I went to puncak in west java Indonesia. it takes 3 hours riding motor bike. yeah I love traveling by motor bike. the climate was too chill and cloudy. once after I arrived on the peak, I parked my motor bike In the mosque’s parking area then we walk around the tea garden. then suddenly after we done dzuhur prayer in the mosque, there was three young girls approached us. one of them address me try to open conversation with us. she introduce herself and also her friends. then we introduce ourselves.

in our conversation, she said “she admire the niqabis”. that’s why once she meet niqabis, she approached them immediately to get to know and make a new friend. in this case I feel like the Niqabi is a queen. maysaAllah.

she said, she wish she can wear Niqab as like me, she wanted to be better Muslimah. “when I see Niqabis, I feel like so calm and modesty, she said”. she also asked me about my experience in Niqab, why do I decided to use Niqab?, what’s the difficulty during the process of wearing niqab? who are the niqabis exactly? what’s their manhaj?

I tried to explain it to her, to give an information and to make her understand that the niqabis are a Human too.

since the first time I use Niqab, I face there is no difficulty in me, my mom and my whole family accept my decision. Just like you, I also admire the niqabis, I saw they are so calm and modesty, that’s why i decided to use Niqab, because I love it from my heart. (especially for protecting myself from fitnah) not because I follow some manhaj or join with the community. No!! as long as I get along with Niqabis, they are all same with us, they came from ordinary muslimah then try to be better muslimah to please Allah S.W.T. as my experience in Niqab, day by day I realized, wearing niqab is calm and help me to increase my Iman, to be more close and close to Allah, to be more better and better, Alhamdulillah and I feel comfortable in it also because of that, many man respect me and lower their gaze and more polite when they meet me.

so don’t proud of us, we are all the sinner, we are just trying to be better muslimah. don’t proud of me too, because just like you or they before, I also wore jeans, strict shirt, fashionable hijab. yes everything has its time.

So my advice For those who wish to wear hijab or even niqab, it begins by focusing on and perfecting the niyat and make an effort. Once you put niyat back as the priority and make an effort—before your attitude then can you turn your life around.
The irony of this
 truth is that many people are deceived into thinking that they need to first fix their attitude, before they can start wearing hijab. This thinking is a dangerous trick of shaytan, who knows that it is hijab itself which will provide the fuel and guidance necessary to turn our life around and fix our attitude. As you want to know, instead of fix our attitude better we use hijab, doing it first it doesn’t just fix our attitude but it’s the way we close to Allah and become better muslimah. In sya Allah

even though sometimes I face people mocking me. but I knew they are just jealous or even hate me. they are just curious with Niqabis but they don’t brave enough to approached us and get along with us or even just to open conversation with us.but yes, yes it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t my business.

I see they are very happy meeting with us during our conversation. we talk about everything not only about Niqab and niqabis. even they asked me to taking picture together. masyaAllah I feel like celebrity. hehee 🙂




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