بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

You are not strong woman if you can’t keep calm when people mocking you. When you upset once after people gives their opinion about you (your place, your dress, your work, etc). When you panic once after you know bad news. When you get angry immediately before you hear the true reason. When you dont want to accept commentary. When you block your friends once after they do something you dont like. When you think that you are better than them. When you’d rather confide about your problem to people than to Allah. When you complain and complain.

Dear Muslimah (may Allah bless you), married is easy, being solehah wife is easy but how to be best mother for best generation is the most important duty for us. It’s a big issue that every one leave it. Dont focus on yourself how to be solehah only, how to be success woman before married. But focus on how to be strong muslimah. To build new generation better than our generation. If you only think about yourself you’ll become a foam on the ocean. 

So how to be a strong woman?
Control your emotion, manage your ego, submitted your problem only to Allah swt. Confide to Him. Recite Quran and read the translation then use it in your daily life. you’ll Be strong muslimah. Strong muslimah means, positive thinking, productive, brave to show your identity then action. Strong woman is kind and humble with people. so what the action means? the action is the best action who comes from best believe, best words and best thinking. show people your power your identity, your dedication for your country. so what’s the best word? best word is when you can control your tounge and think before you give an opinion. because the best word comes from good mind. then 
What do you think? Dream. What’s dream? To build new generation.

So dont focus to “how to get married” just because everyone around you push you. But focus to “how to be best mother for best generation” we have to prepare it Because the country needs a strong woman, to create new generation. Because Good woman only for good man.

Dont give up and wake up!!!!
Jazak Allah khair



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