Dear Sisters,

when you go to the Masjid and you see a sister with figure hugging clothes, full on makeup, nails done etc, don’t for a moment think that you’re better than her just because you wear the correct Jilbab/Niqab. Don’t for a moment wonder why she’s in the Masjid dressed up like that.
The Masjid does not belong to you. The Masjid is the House of Allah. EVERYONE is welcome. Pious ones, sinners, those seeking repentance or looking for a sense of direction. Who are you to limit it to anyone?
Rather than eyeballing that “modern” sister, remember this could be the first time she came to the Masjid. She could’ve been at some haram place but she chose to come to the House of Allah for a reason. Or she could be a regular at the Masjid. Or maybe she comes from a jahil (ignorant) family.
Maybe she’s a revert, a sister just beginning her journey to Islam. Maybe she hasn’t even reverted yet but is learning about Islam & thinks this type of dressing is more befitting than being half naked. Or maybe the sister knows all the rulings of Hijab but struggles in implementing them as she has weak Imaan.
Get up, leave your gang of Hijabi/Niqabi sisters. Make this sister feel welcome. Advise her in the BEST manner. Not in front of everyone. Take her to a side so not to embarrass her and then advise her in private. Honour her. Don’t humiliate her. Befriend her. Give her your number. Maybe all that sister needs is good company.
Remember Allah may forgive her for her sins but He won’t forgive you for your arrogance. Do not fall into the trap of Shaitaan and ever think you’re better than anyone.


3 thoughts on “don’t be arrogant

  1. So true. Sometimes we start to feel like we are better than other sisters merely because of the way we dress, which can sometimes look more pious. However, I personally know non-hijabi sisters who pray Qur’an and sunnah, and hijabi sisters who actually don’t pray at all. We’re supposed to be making excuses for our sisters, not slamming them. Although advice is great, never become arrogant!

    1. yupp that’s right,
      I also have community its name is “hijrah community”. for support sisters who want to be more close and close to Allah. for sisters who want to use hijab properly and even niqab. we lead sisters to take islam seriously, we take them to come to majlis, halaqah, like that. yeah we learn islam together. Alhamdulillah
      may every sisters (muslimah) around the world love each other. ^_^

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